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Secure ITAD Solutions

Each year businesses upgrade their technology footprint, taking millions of serviceable IT assets offline. This technology is still functional and can be used in a variety of different applications, but only if it is handled and processed properly.

Security and chain-of-custody are part of illumynt’s DNA, with every step of the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) process traceable and auditable. Our proprietary SaaS based tracking system records each step of the IT asset disposition process, providing complete end-to-end visibility, auditing and traceability.

It begins upon receipt when all IT assets are electronically scanned into our system creating a unique ID tag for that device. As a device continues through its processing journey additional details are captured including make, model, configuration, capacity, testing, data erasure reports, location, teardown, etc. All information is attached to the assets online profile, providing a complete, auditable, real-time snapshot of each item’s status, including all refurbishment and data erasure reports, as well as the final disposition method.

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