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Excess inventory management for technology products can be an overwhelming task that consumes precious resources. illumynt can help.  We specialize in finding new markets for technology products and provide detailed analysis of your excess inventory, creating a flexible, customized solution to optimize value recovery and velocity.

Flexible excess inventory solutions include:

Outright Purchase
In the outright purchase model, illumynt purchases your excess inventory, as a single line or an entire lot, and remarkets through our global sales and e-commerce channels.

Shared Revenue
The most popular model, the shared revenue program provides a detailed market analysis and market opportunities for your excess inventory. illumynt then takes “consignment” of your excess inventory remarketing through our global sales network and e-commerce channels, with proceeds returned through a mutually agreed upon shared revenue agreement.

Custom Programs
Not every excess inventory management challenge is the same. Illumynt offers custom programs designed to meet unique excess inventory management and market conditions. Custom programs can include testing of products, data erasure, repackaging, and tearing down finished goods into core commodities for greater value recovery.

Why illumynt?
illumynt specializes in creating markets for the reuse of technology products. We carefully track demand data from multiple sources around the world to provide our clients with business intelligence to efficiently manage their excess inventory. This attention to detail and market analysis allows customers to make informed decisions on when is the right time to move their excess inventory.

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