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illumynt CPU Program

illumynt has Grade-A pulled CPUs in stock and ready to ship. We carry a wide variety of CPU models including V4 through 4th Generation Scalables and Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors, Generations 8-12.

To ensure the highest level of component quality, we have enhanced our CPU inspection program that includes a comprehensive multi-step inspection process followed by a rigorous functional testing protocol, leveraging the PassMark Advanced CPU benchmark testing procedures.

Multi-Step Inspection Process

Phase One begins with illumynt’s multi-step cosmetic inspection process:

  • A trained illumynt CPU technician visually inspects each CPU and cleans the top surface to remove any residual thermal compound. At this step, the component serial number and manufacturer part number are recorded.
  • The top surface of each CPU is viewed under magnification to confirm there are no scratches1 or exposed copper.
  • If a minor surface blemish2 is detected, the CPU is physically inspected to confirm any blemishes are not detectable to the touch.
  • Some CPUs have a unique design that includes flanges on the left and right side of the CPU. In some instances, the flanges may show signs of contact with the CPU retention clamp.
  • The CPU greenboard is carefully inspected to confirm no material damage. If any minor blemishes are discovered, we confirm they are not detectable to the touch.
  • Capacitors are visually inspected under magnification to confirm no visible damage, missing, or re-worked capacitors.
  • Gold LGA contact pads are visually inspected under magnification to confirm no scratched or visible damage.
Functional Testing

Phase Two of the program incorporates functional testing in a simulated production environment leveraging PassMark’s Advanced CPU Benchmark testing protocols.

  • Functional testing includes CPUs installed, with heatsink and thermal compound, into server-based test appliances using correctly paired memory and burned-in under full load.
  • Each processor must pass a testing protocol including integer math, floating point math, prime numbers, extended instructions (SSE, AVX and FMA), compression, encryption, sorting, and physics.

All the above inspections and testing processes are completed in an ESD environment.

Once a CPU has fulfilled both the multi-point cosmetic inspection and PassMark’s Advanced CPU Benchmark functional testing protocols, each processor must pass a final Quality Control audit prior to being packaged in new packaging for shipping.


All illumynt grade-A pulled CPUs include our no hassle RMA Warranty. All CPUs shipped may be returned within 7 days of confirmed receipt for any reason, without question. After 7 days, illumynt’s standard 60-day warranty applies. We will also provide close-up, top, and bottom pictures of ordered parts before shipping (up to a maximum of 10 parts).

1We define a scratch as a visually detectable mark where surface material has been removed through contact or abrasion with a tool, heatsink removal, or other contact.

2A Blemish is defined as a visually detectable mark where no surface material has been removed.

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