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Data Center Equipment Remarketing Worldwide: Get Your Best Value

Value Optimization

In past blogs, we’ve discussed some of the reasons data centers are going to need IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). Specifically we like to emphasize how addressing ITAD up front instead of at the back end of the IT lifecycle can benefit your organization. This is particularly true in data center equipment remarketing.

Depending on your ITAD needs, there are lots of good potential partners out there. But if value is your #1 priority, you are going to want an ITAD partner with well-established connections to the international resell market. Here’s how to find the right combination of global scope and value-focused data center equipment remarketing.

3 key indicators of global access in data center equipment remarketing

It’s easy to tout “worldwide expertise.” But what are some signs that your potential partner has the depth and breadth of relationships needed to get your used IT equipment sold? We’ve picked our top three things to look for in a truly global, value-focused ITAD provider.

1) Global relationship building: Don’t start from scratch

Regional players on the international ITAD scene are not going to have the robust business dealings to connect you to global markets. With data equipment continually hitting the market, you need someone who is uniquely positioned with connections around the world with a global resale network.

Look for a large-scale ITAD operation that can move a volume of products into a truly worldwide network. A good indicator: does your partner have an actual physical presence worldwide, not just an address? Connecting sellers and buyers through facilities on multiple continents shows a true commitment to providing the best value to buyers and sellers.

2) Dynamic remarketing expertise

Even if your partner can connect to global markets, do they have the business skills to remarket your equipment? Careful timing of sales, batching of certain types of equipment — these are all good indicators that you’ve got a partner with a finger on the pulse of the global market.

Watch out for anyone who offers you a form contract with a standard quarterly disposal of old equipment. IT assets don’t usually hold their value. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities for sales just because your provider doesn’t put in the effort to aggressively remarket your gear.

3) Strict environmental and data security practices

Back to the basics for a moment — you can’t cut corners in ITAD. You need to be working with a provider with strict data security practices. Even if you’ve got the best marketer you can find, you need the confidence that your gear is securely wiped, thoroughly refurbished, and ready for resale when it hits the market.

With growing scrutiny into data center’s environmental practices, a true commitment to sustainability will differentiate your organization. Working with an ITAD provider that understands and promotes the concepts of a circular economy sets you apart.

Your used IT assets’ reentering the marketplace in a responsible way supports your organization’s sustainability goals. Responsible recycling is a good backstop. But to truly embrace a sustainable data center model, your first priority should be data center equipment remarketing, whenever possible.

Build your partnership

Finally, keep your ITAD expectations high. Your #1 priority is value, but sustainability and security are cornerstones of a strong partnership.

Beyond those three markers for a global, sustainable data center equipment remarketing partner, look for a dynamic approach to remarketing. You have the gear. Your partner needs to bring deep expertise in global markets and a commitment to creative solutions to stay on the front edge of the rapidly growing world of data center ITAD remarketing.



This blog/news announcement was written and edited by the illumynt team of technology lifecycle professionals.

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